b'Disintegrator D2500Advantages- Size and shape of product is inconsequential. The Disintegrator 2500 can take odd shapes and the largest sized polymer bales commercially produced.-No need for pre-grinding, slicing or cutting of large solids. All solids are dissolved in one vesse-Elimination of additional equipment such as grinders or choppers reduces maintenance costs and dust emissions-Puts products into complete solution or suspension without leaving undesired particles on vessel walls-Can handle poly-wrapped bales without prior removal of wrapper, eliminating the need for cutting and excess wasteTypical Applications-Rapid solution of rubbers and polymers into lubricating oils and solvents for the production of VM luboils, and adhesives-Dispersion of filter cakes-Disintegration of solid blocks of cheese, butter, compressed raisins and dried fruit, oleoresins and frozen meat-Disintegration and dispersion of animal and vegetable matter-Wet crumbing of waste rubber-Disintegration of solid gums, resinsand varnishes-Recovery of waste confectionery57'