b'Pilot Disintegrator PlantThe Silverson Pilot Disintegrator Plant was designed to provide a small scale version of the D2500 Disintegrator/Dissolver for R&D installations, but its versatility has seen it being used as a production unit for batches of around150 litres in applications as diverseas luboils, chemicals and foods.The unit comprises a vessel mounted Bottom Entry mixer coupled to a High Shear In-Line mixer homogeniser, and incorporates a control panel and all associated pipework.During operation, the Bottom Entry mixer initially reduces solids down to granular size. The In-Line mixer is then started and the product is further reduced as it is recirculated through the high shear workhead, accelerating the solubilisation or disintegration process. Pilot Disintegrator Plants are usually built to order and can be customised to meet each clients specific requirements. RecirculationTypical Applications pipeline-VM (viscosity modifiers) polymers into oil for the automotive industry-Paper reclaim-Pulping and disintegrating of fresh and dried fruit-Confectionery reclaim - including hard sugar confectionery, soft gum type sweets and chocolate/biscuit waste-Preparation of vegetable smoothies-Re-dispersion of filter cake Bottom Entry In-Line Control panelDisintegrator Mixer-High viscosity product applications including bulk powder dispersionSilverson.com 52'